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Financial stability is critical to achieving VOTCDC's vision of a community where the opportunity to build better lives is always within reach. Many Hampton Roads individuals and families are barely getting by, with little or no ability to save for college, purchase a home, or prepare for retirement. VOTCDC's agenda includes initiatives to educate families, enabling them to achieve greater financial stability. Through established partnerships VOTCDC is uniquely positioned to bring together individuals and key stakeholders from government, business, faith groups, and nonprofits to close the growing gap between those who are prospering, and those who are not.

Nationwide, people have shown a need for information and counsel on issues related to finances. For example:

Services and Resources

VOTCDC offers a number of workshops and seminars, from writing effective resumes to assist the unemployed and underemployed with job hunts, to increasing credit scores to help residents get out of debt, become debt-free or purchase a home.

Included in its financial literacy program, are the following programs: