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Years ago little attention was focused on low-income homeownership. Today homeownership among under-served groups, including low-income households and minorities, has risen significantly. Many in these groups have benefited from more flexible underwriting standards and greater access to credit. However, there is still a racial/ethnic gap and the homeownership rates of minority and low-income households remain well below the national average.

With holistic empowerment as its focus, Vision of Truth Community Development Corporation's Homeownership Program seeks to help close the home ownership gap. VOTCDC's Homeownership Program was birthed using a house on Arden Street to support the ability of a family to own a home after two years of saving rent for a down-payment.

The goal of the home ownership program is to help families become secure, debt-free and to move from becoming renters to homeownership. Families who are accepted into the program must pay rent on time, attend two to three workshops on debt reduction, financial management and community service. When the family follows all these guidelines, and are ready to purchase a home, they receive all their rent money, plus interest, back to use as a down payment on their home.

For more information about the Homeownership Program, please call Margaret DePena at (757)967-9664 or email [email protected]

After School and Parenting Programs

VOTCDc's after school program is designed to improve students' academic success and engagement in the learning process. The program provides academic and remedial instruction for students in the areas of English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Foreign Languages. Students gain specific knowledge and skills to help them meet the required Standards of Learning (SOL) for the State of Virginia. Sessions are conducted once a week for students in grades 6-12.

Parents As Models (PAM) is a parenting program founded by VOTCDC to help and engage parents in their children's academic success. Research supports the notion that parental participation in the educational process can significantly predict student performance, social adjustment and positively impact learning. U. S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics (IES) research suggests that parents will participate in events that "feature some interaction with students' teachers and provide information on "parenting and school-related issues."

PAM supports, enhances and includes activities that strengthen this link between student academic achievement, positive behavior, and parental involvement.

For more information about Parents As Models, please call Margaret DePena at (757)967-9664 or email [email protected]

Workforce Development

Vision of Truth Community Development Corporation's workforce development initiatives correlate to the City of Portsmouth's Destination 2025 initiative to build the skills of the local workforce. VOTCDC will accomplish through its existing partnership with the City of Portsmouth public school system and by identifying and establishing other key partnerships with educational institutions, businesses and community agencies and residents.

VOTCDC provides resources for business development through school-to-work initiatives in conjunction and collaboration with area industries, colleges and technical schools. Hampton Roads is the home of Norfolk Naval Base, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Norshipco, Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock, and Norfolk Southern. To that end, there is a potential link to shipbuilding programs at area colleges. On a broader scale, project sponsors are exploring a partnership to establish a business incubator with vocational and technical training, led by a consortium of local colleges and technical schools.

For more information about VOTCDC's workforce development initiatives, please call Margaret DePena at (757) 967-9664 or email [email protected]